Course Resource Lists in mêskanâs

Course Resource Lists is the Library’s new eReserves system. It is an application that allows instructors to gather course materials from the library’s collection, such as articles, books, or streaming media; and content from websites like YouTube. Course Resource Lists can be accessed directly by logging in with a MacEwan user-name and password or activated in mêskanâs for student access.

Features of Course Resource Lists include:

  • Build your list by adding any item with a link including websites, podcasts, articles, ebooks
  • Organize the list by week, module, topic, or however else you like
  • Set priority for each item, comment, or make recommendations
  • Request digitization for print book chapters, DVDs, or CDs for online access
  • Copy your Course Resource Lists and items between your courses, or from one semester to the next.
  • Engage students: Student can quickly see which items are essential, make personal notes, indicate completed tasks, and manage their time more effectively.

Getting Started

Get started and create your own Course Resource Lists; or use the Course Outline Service and have Library staff create one for you. Library staff will locate the materials, check copyright, and make the list available in your mêskanâs course. 


Requests are filled on a first-come first served basis; however, turnaround time (typically 3 – 5 days) will be affected by the number of requests received and may be considerably longer if copyright permission is required or if items are not currently available in the Library. Faculty are encouraged to submit requests at least 3 weeks before the start of classes.

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