Types of Resources


There are several ways that students can find required textbooks for their courses.

Borrow a Textbook from the Library

The library purchases at least 1 physical copy of most required course textbooks. To see if the library has the textbook you need, browse the Library Textbook Collection.

All textbooks are available for a 4-hour loan from the Library Services Desk located in the John L. Haar Library. Textbooks checked out within 4 hours of the library closing will be due back within the two hours of the library opening the next day.

Due to the textbook collection's popularity, textbooks are available on a first-come, first-served basis and cannot be placed on hold. An hourly late charge applies for textbooks returned after the loan period ends. For more information about late fees and lost charges, please visit the library’s borrowing page.

Although the library does not officially support or endorse any of these products, many phone applications allow for quick-and-easy scanning. If you do choose to scan pages from any of the Library’s textbooks for educational purposes, you can scan up to 10% or one chapter of that work without breaching copyright.

Find your Textbook Information

You will need the title, author(s), and edition number (if applicable) of the textbook you wish to borrow. To find this information:

  • Enter your Student ID# in the MacEwan Bookstore booklist generator to see a full list of your required and optional textbooks.  
  • Read over your Course Outlines as they may include textbook information.  

Digital and Distance Education Options

The library offers some alternative options for accessing the library’s physical textbook collection.  

Distance Education Students  

Some textbooks are reserved for distance education students and can be mailed directly to your home upon request. Visit our Distance Education page to place a book delivery request and to learn more about getting MacEwan library materials.  

Request a Scanned Copy of a Chapter or Reading

If you only need one chapter from a textbook, save yourself a trip to the library and use our Scan on Demand service  to request a chapter or reading be scanned and emailed directly to you. Entire textbooks cannot be scanned due to copyright restrictions. Requests will typically be processed within 3 business days.


To request support with accessing textbooks, please visit the library’s Accessibility Page to review available options or contact library@macewan.ca.  

Rent a Textbook

The following sites offer rental options for many popular textbooks:

Search Online

Search online for a free option. The following websites provide entire books online at no cost:

Buy Your Textbook from the Bookstore

Required course textbooks are available for purchase from the MacEwan Bookstore. To find your textbook information, either:

  • Enter your Student ID# in the MacEwan Bookstore textbook list generator, or...
  • Locate the textbook title in the course outline for the course you are registered in.

Buy Used Copies or Older Editions

Used copies of textbooks can often be bought online on sites such as Amazon, Kijiji, or Facebook Marketplace. You may also want to try:

Before You Buy Used

  • Ensure the book you are buying is the correct edition. If unsure, ask your instructor.
  • Check to see if the book includes an access code for online content. If your instructor says the code is needed, and your code has been used or is expired, you'll be stuck buying a new code, which can be more costly than buying a new textbook. 

Before Buying an Older Edition  

  • Check with your instructor. The content can change between editions and you might be missing out on important information!

 Finished with your textbook? Post it on the MacEwan Used Book Exchange, or check out the MacEwan Bookstore Buyback program to see if the Bookstore wants to give you money for your old textbooks!