Research Metrics

The following resources provide article citation counts and author citation reports to help assess and articulate research impact.

  • Scopus  (MacEwan login required) -  Select the  Author Search  tab, perform author search, and select author’s name to view profile and metrics. 
  • Web of Science (MacEwan login required) - Change Basic Search to Author Search, perform author search, then select “Create a Citation Report” to view metrics. 
  • Google Scholar - You will need an account. Learn more


Altmetrics are non-traditional metrics that demonstrate online research impact. Explore things like how many times your work has downloaded, shared on social media, and discussed in the news. 

  • Altmetric Bookmarklet - Find article-level metrics for how many times online works have been viewed, downloaded, and shared on various social media sites. 
  • ImpactStory Profiles - Create an author profile that lists your works and provides detailed metrics on how your work is being read, downloaded, tweeted, bookmarked, and more.
  • PlumX (from Plum Analytics) - Find metrics and altmetrics for articles and other scholarly works available in article records in Science Direct and Scopus.

Want some help? 
If you are working on a grant application or dossier, contact your subject librarian for help compiling information on how many times your work has been cited and shared.