Welcome to the Library

Karen Keiller Profile PictureMy first experience at a university library was a few decades ago, but I clearly remember a feeling of confusion and doubt. Do I belong here? How does everyone else look like they know what they’re doing? A classmate led me up the staircase to find a book to review for intro to politics. Later I learned how to find articles in journals (back when we had printed indexes, but that’s another story) and I passed on that knowledge to my friends. Then the lightbulb went off! I could be a librarian and help students on their journeys? Graduate school and then many stops along the way, and I am very proud and humbled to be the Dean of the Library at MacEwan University.

I want to welcome you to the Library and assure you that you do belong, and the staff and librarians are here to help you on your journey of learning.

Please let me know if have any suggestions or comments about our services.

Karen Keiller graduated from the University of Winnipeg in the honours Geography program, and then went on to graduate school at Western University, receiving a Master of Library and Information Science. She has worked as a librarian at the University of Manitoba, Red River College (now RRC Polytech), the University of Winnipeg, the University of New Brunswick, and Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, ON.